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Selecting Shade Fabric

706 Vinyl Blackout  motorized Mecho Shad
4400 3% Ash.JPG
10% 2360 Ebony shades exposed roll with

Opaque - Room Darkening

1-3% Semi-Transparent

  • Room Darkening or Blackout prevents most daylight from passing through fabric

  • No view when fully lowered

  • Can be paired with side/sill channels and fascia for a more complete (not 100%) blackout

  • Semi-Transparent allows some light seepage through fabric.

  • Limited view when fully lowered

5-10% Transparent

  • Light visible through fabric

  • Diffused view through when fully lowered

Fabric Color Performance

Dark Color Fabrics

  • ​Absorbs more heat while maintaining energy efficiency​

  • Clear view through during the day

  • Best light control

Light Color Fabrics

  • Reflects sunlight to increase energy efficiency 

  • Allows more light through fabric

  • View through is reduced during the day

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